Friday, October 15, 2010

OpsMgr 2007 Overrides Report (PowerShell)

This PowerShell script retrieves all the overrides from your unsealed management packs, including all the details of the override, including target, value and the source rule or monitor. Results are output to a single Excel spreadsheet.

# ==============================================================================================
# Microsoft PowerShell Source File -- Created with SAPIEN Technologies PrimalScript 2009
# NAME: OpsMgr Overrides Report
# AUTHOR: Daniele Muscetta and Pete Zerger
# DATE  : 8/24/2010
# COMMENT: This report will output the overrides in your OpsMgr environment including
#          override settings, target, source rule/monitor and source management pack.
# ==============================================================================================

#---Save the following text as script "Export-Overrides.ps1"

#define the path you want to export the CSV files to
$exportpath = "c:\scripts\export\"

#gets all UNSEALED MAnagement PAcks
$mps = get-managementpack | where {$_.Sealed -eq $false}

#loops thru them
foreach ($mp in $mps)
    $mpname = $
    Write-Host "Exporting Overrides info for Managemetn Pack: $mpname"
    #array to hold all overrides for this MP
    $MPRows = @()

    #Gets the actual override objects
    $overrides = $mp | get-override

    #loops thru those overrides in order to extract information from them
    foreach ($override in $overrides)

        #Prepares an object to hold the result
        $obj = new-object System.Management.Automation.PSObject
        #clear up variables from previous cycles.
        $overrideName = $null
        $overrideProperty = $null
        $overrideValue = $null
        $overrideContext = $null
        $overrideContextInstance = $null
        $overrideRuleMonitor = $null

        # give proper values to variables for this cycle. this is what we can then output.
        $name = $
        $overrideName = $override.Name
        $overrideProperty = $override.Property
        $overrideValue = $override.Value
        trap { $overrideContext = ""; continue } $overrideContext = $override.Context.GetElement().DisplayName
        trap { $overrideContextInstance = ""; continue } $overrideContextInstance = (Get-MonitoringObject -Id $override.ContextInstance).DisplayName
        if ($override.Monitor -ne $null){
            $overrideRuleMonitor = $override.Monitor.GetElement().DisplayName
        } elseif ($override.Discovery -ne $null){
            $overrideRuleMonitor = $override.Discovery.GetElement().DisplayName
        } else {
            $overrideRuleMonitor = $override.Rule.GetElement().DisplayName
        #fills the current object with those properties
        #$obj = $obj | add-member -membertype NoteProperty -name overrideName -value $overrideName -passthru
        $obj = $obj | add-member -membertype NoteProperty -name overrideProperty -value $overrideProperty -passthru
        $obj = $obj | add-member -membertype NoteProperty -name overrideValue -value $overrideValue -passthru
        $obj = $obj | add-member -membertype NoteProperty -name overrideContext -value $overrideContext -passthru
        $obj = $obj | add-member -membertype NoteProperty -name overrideContextInstance -value $overrideContextInstance -passthru
        $obj = $obj | add-member -membertype NoteProperty -name overrideRuleMonitor -value $overrideRuleMonitor -passthru
        $obj = $obj | add-member -membertype NoteProperty -name MPName -value $name -passthru
        $obj = $obj | add-member -membertype NoteProperty -name overrideName -value $overrideName -passthru

        #adds this current override to the array
        $MPRows = $MPRows + $obj
  #Store up the overrides for all packs to a single variable
  $MPRpt = $MPRpt + $MPRows

    #exports cumulative list of overrides to a single CSV

    $filename = $exportpath + "overrides.csv"
    $MPRpt | Export-CSV -path $filename -notypeinfo