Sunday, October 10, 2010

Error when installing OpsMgr Reporting: ‘Could not verify if current user is in sysadmin Role’

Are you getting this error when trying to install reporting? 
Here are the steps to resolve it.

1.  Check to User Permissions.
Verify the user you are running the installer as is a member of the Operations Manager Administrators.
-  Verify the user has sysadmin access to the database in SQL.
2.  Check the SPN of the SDK Service.
3.  Check the Operations Manager database.
- Go into SQL Enterprise Management Studio 
- Expand Databases, OperationsManager, and Tables
- Right click on MT_ManagementGroup
- Click Open Table if you are using SQL Server 2005 or click Edit Top 200 Rows if you are using SQL Server 2008.
- Look at the Value in column SQLServerName_6B1D1BE8_EBB4_B425_08DC_2385C5930B04
- This should be the name of your operations manager database server.  (If you ever moved your operations manager database to a new SQL server there is a chance that this step got missed.